Thomas Bollmann and Ingrid Jones are multi-disciplinary commercial artists, filmmakers and special projects leaders who work under the collective name of Seed9 aka Seednine. They began their creative partnership in 2004 with a focus on pushing creative boundaries while encouraging freedom of expression and collaboration.

Their respective backgrounds of creative direction and photodesign afforded them the opportunity to take on projects from conception to completion with ease. Their ability to manage productions and teams have placed them in a unique position to take on larger scale initiatives such as their independent arts and culture publication Poor But Sexy, which they successfully funded, designed and produced or the revamp of the retail program for Transcontinental media for the purpose of winning new business.

They cross barriers between art and commerce, innovatively connecting the creative and corporate communities. Most importantly, their interest in raw storytelling paired with their continued investment in the creative community has resulted in the highlighting of not only their works but the works of their collaborators. 

With mutual respect and trust, this duo continues to embark on projects that engage and challenge those around them. Because of this, they have been featured in and produced stories for Vice Berlin, Computer Arts UK, Stack Printout, National Geographic, Globe Style, EnRoute and much more.  


Studio: 626 Rhodes Avenue, Toronto ON